Sailing Programs

The Alameda Community Sailing Center (ACSC) is proud to offer a variety of sailing classes for youth, adults and families. Please see the following descriptions of the classes!

Youth Learn to Sail

ACSC is proud to offer youth sailing programs for students ages 7 to 18 and of all skill levels. Since its inception, we have taught nearly 400 different youth the fundamental sailing skills.

Your child’s safety and comfort is paramount – we provide wetsuits and lifejackets for all youth sailors. Safety boats monitor lessons on the water. Your child’s footwear is important to their safety as well. Flat, rubber soled shoes that can get wet are best. Provide a change of clothes for your child as he or she will get wet.

Adult Learn to Sail

With apologies (and respect) to Richard Bode, “First you have to sail a small boat.” To learn how to sail well you need to understand what each puff of wind will do, how each wave that nudges the bow will change your heading. You have to understand the language of wind and water. This is learned fastest on a little boat. It is the goal of ACSC that you learn to sail very well, and that aspects of sailing become reflexive. This will happen quickest when you learn in a small boat, with help nearby, but not on board. We expect you to tip the boat over, right it, and carry on. Sailing a big boat will become trivial when you are competent at sailing a small one.